DRC is Digital Reserve Currency
It’s a decentralized digital Store of Value, with a limited supply (1B token) and zero inflation rate. No burning, no minting, no ICO , no pre sale, no CEO. Only a Founder and a community, building a foundation aroud DRC’s economy.
Maxim Nurov, the founder is an economist and digital currency analysist from Washington.
100% of the total supply has been issued directly and equaly to the Uniswap market.
No one has control over DRC.
The community has created Vaults, you can check on their website, to propose other exposure to a variaty of assets : BTC / ETH/ PAXG / USDC/ etc and new vaults coming from governance vote.
We are actually working through donation to have a Bittrex listing
I believe DRC will shine in the cryptosphere and that it shares some common vision with Cryptolocally through it’s equality
I think DRC would be a great Add to Cryptolocally
And why not imagine GIV being accessible through DRC’s vault in the futur