Nimiq Listing Proposal

What is Nimiq?

Nimiq is a decentralized, censorship-resistant payment protocol native to the web, with its own diverse ecosystem of apps. The native NIM token is transacted within Nimiq as a store and transfer of value: it acts as digital cash. The cutting-edge, browser-first blockchain approach means that users directly connect to the blockchain with nothing more than a browser. Therefore anyone with an up-to-date browser can join the payment network directly, pay and accept payments without having to install software or rely on unnecessary intermediaries. This gives Nimiq its ‘it just works’ characteristic, which is further strengthened by an ethos of simplicity and ease of use. NIM is designed to be a cryptocurrency used by the masses.

What sets Nimiq apart from Bitcoin, Ethereum et al?

Main differentiators:

  1. Nimiqs single purpose is to solve the payment protocol problem. Simple, fast and secure payments from User A to User B.
  2. Browser-based and installation-free since it is written in Javascript ES6 and communicates via WebSockets + WebRTC for connecting to the network without a trusted third party.
  3. Light clients allow you to establish Blockchain consensus in seconds, requiring less download data than a song. Near instant transactions via off-chain transactions.
  4. Long-term commitment and good cause contribution embedded into the Genesis-Block.
  5. Free fees

Important use cases of Nimiq that are worth highlighting

  1. Online payments
  2. Atomic swap Crypto to FIAT
  3. Receive donations
  4. Create rewards
  5. Share accounts
  6. Pay ingame
  7. Overcome borders
  8. Store value
  9. Make money (POW/POS)

What is the benefit cryptolocally may get once Nimiq got listed on the platform?

Nimiq’s price today (January 16, 2021) is $0.00626 with a 24-hour trading volume of $3,183,085 which is quite decent trading volume given that nimiq is just starting. Nimiq has been included not just once in trending searches specifically on lunarcrush since the beginning of this year. You can also see Nimiq as one of the top gainers in Kucoin ( Dec 28, 2020 - Jan 3, 2021) and in coingecko (Jan 15, 2021). Through the help of this information, we can say that a lot of people have been dying to know more about Nimiq and traders are making sure that their bag is full now that the graph of nimiq is pretty healthy. This would benefit cryptolocally massive of traders and users once Nimiq is listed on the platform.


I think this is good option

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