Listing - Avalanche (Avax)


Why Avalanche?
Avalanche is a cryptocurrency that solves the problem of being decentralized, secure, and scalable all at the same time, using the new “Avalanche consensus”. All the lack of other blockchains was full filled by the avalanche and this is the great innovation to start having better system.

Advantages: It is also a “platform of platforms” on which you can build new customizable blockchains and networks on top.

Impact: Avax is also a peer-to-peer electronic cash system which has a scalable blockchain enough to sustain the needs of everyone when it comes to transferring money with fast transaction, smart contracts, Defi and other custom subnetworks. Everything is combined with all the lacks of other blockchains.

Benefits: it will be less fee and the secured transaction to avoid attacks.

Drawback: it is not totally ideal but it gives a great better system beyond those blockchains competitors.

Additional supporting idea:

AvaLabs personally is investing heavily in a couple of things. DEFI infrastructure like DEXes, prediction markets, lending markets, bridges between different blockchains, etc… And institutional adoption, like Stocks, Derivatives, CBDCs, stablecoins, synthetics, regulatory-compliant blockchains, ILOs, onchain contracts, etc…

Also into privacy, the protocol itself, on-chain governance of the protocol, and more.

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