List Trilium (TLM) into CryptoLocally

Actions items: List Trilium (TLM) into CryptoLocally

Impacts & benefits: Trilium is the native token of Alien Worlds: the NFT DeFi metaverse. Alien Worlds uses smart-contracts to combine DeFi farming with NFT card-based strategy play. Players farm Trilium using NFT land and tools cards. NFT cards give players an advantage in mining and fighting. Power is expressed by participants staking TLM token to planets.
Alien Worlds is the second biggest blockchain game at the moment. Its land tokens sold out within two days of release! This shows how attractive the game is for blockchain gamers!
At the moment, TLM token can only be obtained in-game. Of course, CryptoLocally provides the marketplace for players to buy and sell TLM P2P, which will be the only alternative to securely get TLM!
Also, TLM is a ERC20 token which will be easier for CryptoLocally to implement than tokens on other chains like Monero for example.

Drawbacks: TLM is only available in-game. Hence, these tokens might only interest the Alien worlds and NFTs community.