Can Cryptolocally start accepting Monero?

I wish I could buy Monero directly through Cryptolocally. Can I suggest you implement this? Any other people feel this way?


Actually, why not? Looks like a good idea!

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It could be a nice idea to accept monero. However, cryptolocally may face regulatory risk in some jurisdictions since monero can be perceived as Anonymity Enhanced Cryprocurrecy (AEC). Especially in the USA, AECs have been facing the SEC since 2018 and many exchanges have already delisted them.

Why not? Yes I also wish for that. Great idea!

Definitely YES! Coz for those who loves to buy different crypto monero is the only crypto that use one time addresses and ring signatures allow senders and recipients to cover up their transaction routes , with monero users are assured that their purchases and transfers are protected from public leaks. Suppose a hacker somehow managed to find out the specific addresses of one of the parties. In that case, the system member could deny a transaction with reference to obfuscation

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That’s actually an excellent point! Thanks for this info, I didn’t really know that :pray:

Yes of course, why not? As we all know Monero is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies today & one of its best features that everyone like is MONERO’s transactions are confidential and untraceable. In short, it is a secure, private, unlink-able and fungible digital currency.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::muscle:
Also Monero probably has the potential to actually turn heads and supplant bitcoin as the largest cryptocurrency. So I would like to try buy & hodl MONERO here at cryptolocally.:heart_eyes::hugs:

I actually never tried this monero. If Cryptolocally may add this, maybe, I can try it for the first time.:pray:

Wow nice project giv